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Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen protection installed in Panama City Beach Florida

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens and Shades

Keep your home safe from hurricanes and severe weather all year long with Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens. With our powerful protection, you can rest easy knowing that your family and property are secure in the face of extreme conditions.

Our one-piece heavy-duty tracks, motor idles, and reels are designed for an extended lifetime of heavy usage. Atlas Armor hurricane screens are a blend of Aramid (used to build race cars, airplanes, and military bulletproof vests) and Polyester, which is much stronger than the other typical screen fabrics made of Polypropylene (used for water ski ropes) or Polyurethane (used for trampolines’). Atlas Armor hurricane screens are not affected by the sun’s UV rays like the other screens that dry out, shrink and turn brittle. Again, look at the other screening product’s warranty. Our screens love the sun.

Benefits of Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen protection installed in Panama City Beach Florida

Benefits of Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens.

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens offer numerous benefits to ensure your home is safe from the worst of hurricanes. Our screens are made from tough, long-lasting materials that significantly reduce damage potential and withstand winds up to 150 mph. The screens also provide easy installation and convenient storage options, making it simple and hassle-free to get the protection you need.

  • Miami Dade Approved
  • Motorized Screen
  • Hand Crank Screen
  • 365 Year Long Protection
  • Sun and Solar Protection
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Insect Screen Protection
  • 7 Year Motor Warranty*
  • 4 Screen Colors
  • Heavy Duty Engineering


Tested & Certified Hurricane Screens for Complete Protection from Storms, Hurricanes, Insects and the Sun.

ATLAS ARMOR is the ONLY manufacturer that builds a Miami-Dade, TESTED, CERTIFIED, and LABELED version of this hurricane screen that will pass the building permit inspection and insurance company requirements for an NOA labeled hurricane roll-down screen.

Unlike other hurricane protection products, this is not a single-purpose fabric screen to be used during a hurricane. Push a button, and the Atlas Armor hurricane screens can be raised or lowered to provide a wide variety of every day (365 days, 24/7) protection and comfort from insects and the sun.

Incorporate the Atlas Armor hurricane screens when you remodel your home, build a deck or patio in your backyard, or add hurricane protection to your existing home. For example, new or refurbished homes can be constructed with these screens completely concealed in the walls and columns. The Atlas Armor hurricane screens can be controlled using a manual crank or a handheld controller, or they can easily be added to your home automation system. Several brands of motors, including Somfy, Gaposa and Dooya and Alpha are available

Most importantly, Atlas Armor hurricane screens also give you PEACE OF MIND because it comes with a written 10-Year REPLACEMENT and the industry’s only TRANSFERABLE Warranty for its fabric screening and 5 years on its Dooya motors, and 4 years on its Somfy motors.  Before you buy, always read and understand the product’s written warranty.

*Gulf Breeze Windows uses mainly uses Gaposa and Alpha Motors.   Somfy and Dooya are also availble

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Hurricane Screens

Hurricane Screen Omega Tex Panama City Beach Florida

Fabric Rolling Retractable Screens provide both hurricane protection and year around shade for your porch, windows, doors and large openings. Created with a mix of a Kevlar stranded weave, hurricane fabric is strong enough to stop hurricanes and flying debris. Impact rated, Florida Approved, Miami Dade Approved and you can still see through it.

  • Motorized Shades

  • Manual Operation 

  • Hurricane Protection

  • Year Round Sun Protection

  • Atlas Armor Screen
  • Multiple Color Fabrics
  • Whole Home integration
  • Control it with your phone
  • Insect Screen
  • Fenetex
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