Templar Screens Enhance Your Comfort & Syle

Discover the seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality with Templar roll down motorized shades and screens.

Why Choose Our Motorized Solutions?

Maximize Convenience with a Single Click

Transform your living space with the touch of a button, ensuring privacy, shade, and insect protection instantly.

Explore the Benefits of Templar Screens - Solar and Insect

motorized screen with solar screen - black and cable guided for sun protection

Energy Efficiency

Templar motorized solar shades and retractable screens are designed to reduce your energy costs by optimizing heat retention during winter and minimizing heat gain during summer.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Experience the ultimate in home comfort with our easy-to-use remote-controlled motorized shades and screens, allowing you to adjust natural light and privacy and insect protection with the press of a button.

Customization Options

Tailor your space to meet your aesthetic and functional needs with our wide range of customizable options, including various shade and screen colors, materials, and styles.

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Templar Screens - motorized screen on pergula
Templar Screens - motorized on back porch
Templar Screens - Every Ral Powder Coat available
Templar Screens - Every part custom made and engineered for life

I couldn’t be happier with the roll down motorized shades from Gulf Breeze Windows & Blinds. They’ve truly transformed my patio into a year-round oasis, all at the touch of a button!

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Enhance Your Comfort & Security

Experience the seamless integration of style and functionality with our roll down motorized shades and retractable screens. Request a quote today and transform your living space!