Unmatched Protection for Your Patio and Home

MagForce Hurricane Screens

Experience the pinnacle of patio protection with state-of-the-art, self-adjusting hurricane screens. Designed for maximum durability and aesthetic appeal, our screens ensure your outdoor space is safe and stylish.

Why Choose MagForce Hurricane Screens?

Self-Adjusting Technology

Our MagForce Hurricane screens automatically adjust to changing weather conditions, providing seamless protection without any manual intervention.

Hurricane-Rated Strength

MagForce is Built to withstand the most severe weather, our screens are hurricane-rated to ensure your patio, doors and windows remain intact during storms.

Maximum Patio Protection

MagForce Hurricane Screens offer unparalleled defense against wind, rain, and debris, our screens keep your outdoor space secure and pristine.

Explore Our Hurricane Screens in Action

Browse through our gallery to see how MagForce Hurricane Screens enhance and protect patios in various settings. Witness the perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

Fenetex MagForce Hurricane Screen by Gulf Breeze Windows & Blinds installed In The Plantations in St George Island Florida using Gaposa Motors
Fenetex Hurricane Screen by Gulf Breeze Windows & Blinds installed In Golden Eagle Tallahassee Florida using Gaposa Motors
Atlas Armor Omega Tex Hurricane Screen protection installed in Panama City Beach Florida
Omega Tex Hurricane Screen installed on patio in Panama City using Gaposa Motors
Templar Screen - Motorized

Certified Strength

Fenetex hurricane screens go through all testing and certification to qualify as hurricane shutters for the most demanding agencies and locales, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. These screens last longer, withstand more, and serve more functions than any other company’s. 

UV Resistant

The fabric used in our hurricane screens blocks up to 91% of the sun’s rays and offers protection from wind, rain, insects, dust, and debris. By blocking the harsh sun, these screens can also reduce heat transfer and lower your energy costs.

Protective Perimeter

When you have Fenetex hurricane screens installed on your patio, getting ready for a storm event is as easy as pushing a button or pulling up an app to close your screens. All the furniture and openings within the patio area will be protected.

At Gulf Breeze Windows & Blinds, we never compromise. Our hurricane screens are designed to provide maximum protection and withstand the test of time.

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